Synapse alterations precede neuronal damage and storage pathology in a human cerebral organoid model of CLN3-juvenile neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis

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Gemma Gomez-Giro, Jonathan Arias-Fuenzalida, Javier Jarazo, Dagmar Zeuschner, Muhammad Ali, Nina Possemis, Silvia Bolognin, Rashi Halder, Christian Jäger, Willemijn F.E. Kuper, Holm Zaehres, Antonio del Sol, Herman van der Putten, Hans R. Schöler & Jens C. Schwamborn*

Raw data

The complete dataset is available here. It is subdivided into originals (raw data) and partials (analysis) specific to each figure and supplementary present in the manuscript.

RNA-Seq data

The RNA-seq data is accessible through the NCBI GEO website.

Source code

The source code used to make the analysis/figures of the publication is available on GitHub.