Modeling Parkinson's disease in midbrain-like organoids

Please cite the article on NPJ Parkinson’s disease.

Lisa M Smits, Lydia Reinhardt, Peter Reinhardt, Michael Glatza, Anna S Monzel, Nacny Stanslowsky, Marcelo D Rosato-Siri, Alessandra Zanon, Paul M Antony, Jessica Bellmann, Sarah M Nicklas, Kathrin Hemmer, Xiaobing Qing, Emanuel Berger, Norman Kalmbach, Marc Ehrlich, Silvia Bolognin, Andrew A Hicks, Florian Wegner, Jared L. Sterneckert* & Jens C Schwamborn*

Raw data

The complete Dataset is available here.

source code

The source code used to make the publication is available on Gitlab where you can traceback what have been done by the authors.

microarray data

Data is accessible through NCBI GEO website.